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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Weekend

So after Fridays shenanigans, its easy to say that we were all pretty wiped the next morning.. that didn't keep us from adventuring however. The plan was to visit Obkhan National Park, in the middle of the Thai Rainforest, a beautiful river, and cliff jumping can be found! After a delectable hangover breakfast consisting of fried chicken and bacon burgers at G-Longs, 20 of us hopped in the red taxi trucks to head to Obkhan. We rented the trucks for the whole day, and after a long 40 minute drive through the gorgeous green jungle, we arrived.
For those who do not already know, I get motion sickness EXTREMELY easily and the winding narrow roads to our destination proved no different for my stomach. Laura had the same problem, so while the group went to the bathroom, we snuck away behind a tree and threw up (ew sorry). What happened next was unbelievable. We had been in the forest for only 5 minutes when it started to rain cats and dogs. It was the most refreshing warm rain, and it seemed to cleanse away our car sickness instantly. Soaking wet from the pouring summer rain we ran into the river and swam around as the rest of the crew joined us. It was so incredibly breath taking and fun! We hiked around for a bit and came to a place where a few brave souls could jump off the highest cliff-like part of the river bank into the clear warm water.
The day completely drained us, so we headed home hours later and got ready for delicious dinners consisting of persian food for myself and street food for Sami. We decided to call it an early night and watch 21 jump street in the lounge of the 4th floor of Uniserv (our univeristy-run hotel) and go to sleep.
On Sunday, we got up and planned to go to the Women's prison for one of our school assignments. We ate at Dude, Cafe! and had delicious heart-shaped waffles with chocolate and sweet milk sauce... nom.
We headed to the prison to find that they were all booked for the day and decided to walk around the city of Chiang Mai. We wound up at some cool little temples with large Buddha statues and decided to sit in peace for a while.. very calming. We then inserted 5 baht into a machine to get our fortunes.. apparently, Sami is slow but sure in love, and going to have a baby boy if she gets married. and I need to be patient and not think about the lover.. hmmm.. haha
After getting some pad thai and a much needed kit kat bar from 711, me, Sami, Lucia, and Danny were in great need of a foot massage. for 250 baht (about 8 bucks) we got hour foot massages that were to die for. We had never been so relaxed. After that, a group of us headed to the Sunday night market where we got amazing indian food (chicken masala, butter chicken, daahl.. the works) and spent a bunch of money bargaining with vendors for their one of a kind products.


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