6 countries, 70 days, malaria pills, and traveling college girls (41 SE Asia, 29 Europe) out for an adventure of a lifetime. No one knows where life will take us, what could happen, or what we will end up eating… all we know is that our children and grandchildren will never hear the end of these stories. Kelsey and Sami will be posting about the first part of the trip in Southeast Asia and while Kelsey goes back to the States, Sami and Kayla continue the adventure in Europe.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Girls Night

On our first thursday in Chiang Mai, we had a long day of class that consisted of our fav professor, Stacy Rucas doing an intro to Behavioral Ecology. We then had an hour of Thai Family Class followed by an hour lunch break and two hours of Thai Language. My Thai Lang teacher was super cute and sweet and she loved to ask us questions about our culture and lifestyle as much as we liked to ask her about hers. After class, I was sufficiently exhausted but about 10 of us girls decided to ditch the boys and get some yummy Italian food. The restaurant is called "Why Not" and it is is owned by an Italian ex-pat. pretty cool. the food was delicious and Natalie and I shared an entire large pizza (i know, quite impressive) and we all enjoyed a glass of wine and getting to know each other better. After dinner we wanted to meet up with the boys at the famous Roots Rock Reggae bar in the area of Chiang Mai that is known as the backpackers party/hang out scene.
It was super cool!! The Reggae band was so good, considering they ended up not speaking English, only memorizing the songs word for word (Jamaican accent and all). Us girls had a ball! We ordered mango mojitos and after dancing to Buffalo Soldier decided to head over to the next bar called Zoe Yellow. This bar was a little more up scale than the reggae bar and is where we met some really fun Irish guys! when they found out that we were from California, they actually asked me if I had ever been to San Luis Obispo.... UHM YES WE LIVE WORK AND GO TO SCHOOL IN SLO!!! Haha we couldn't believe it, but the boys said that SLO was their favorite city and recommended it to all of their friends back in the UK.. unreal! needless to say, we hung out with them the next night too! After meeting people from places far and wide, we decided to head home early because we had class at 10 the next morning.


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