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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Final Weekend in Chiang Mai

As mentioned in the last post, we are nearing our last week... which meant every second must be an adventure and no time can be wasted. Damn did we live it up. Our last weekend in Chiang Mai was one of my favorite weekends this whole trip.

One of the first mornings we actually got to sleep in and woke up around 11:00 am. We finally got sick of fried rice for breakfast and went in search for pancakes. Oh. My. Goodness. We found a place called Butter is Better which had the ambiance of an old-school American diner.
They had anything and everything any American would be craving. From pancakes to french toast to omelets to croissants to cinnamon rolls to bagels... we wanted everything. Kelsey and Lucia ordered the challah french toast with biscuits and gravy and a huge cup of coffee, while I got a huge stack of blueberry banana pancakes.

After we inhaled our food, we slouched in our chairs unable to move or talk we were so damn full. We finally got on with our day and met up with a group who needed a break from their finals. We headed to Doi Suthep, which was very crowded due to the Buddhist holiday. We passed the crowds by taking a hike following the waterfall. We found a spot these local Thai kids were hanging out at and swimming in. They showed us a spot to use as a slide into the pool! After watching them coming so close to hitting the rocks, we were all so nervous to try it out. I finally mustered up the balls and did it. Soooo much fun! I couldn't stop going. Eventually the other girls did it too but the boys refused.

We then headed to the other side of town on the river and had burgers on the river! After a very rude waitress, meatloaf for the beef burgers and bones in my chicken burger, we ran out. We walked across the bridge that was all lit up and so gorgeous and ended up at the night bizarre. We got some rotees, ice cream, and put on a line dancing show for the Thai's who started to film us. It was a really fun day.

Woke up bright and early for my favorite day of the whole trip. The boys, three other girls and I rented motorbikes and headed to the Chiang Dao caves. It was an hour and a half ride out of the city and through the jungle. I can't even begin to describe to you guys how amazing the ride was. After we got out of the hectic city and off of the highway, we were on a one lane road that had twists and curves that overlooked a river and passed villages. It was the biggest thrill, adrenaline rush, and euphoric that lasted hours. We made it to the amazing Chiang Dao caves and took a hike through them. Bats were flying around our heads, we were crawling through the smallest tunnels, and climbing on the stalagmites and stalactites.

We headed back on our bikes and since the beauty on the way up was so breathtaking I shortened the straps on my camera, wrapped it around my neck, and had a camera as a third boob. I got some footage and some photos. Video soon to be uploaded...stay tuned!

 On the ride back we hit a little bit of rain which made it so much more fun. We had more time to kill before we needed to return them so we went off roading down dirt roads literally into the jungle... we ended up in some rice patties, took a moment to breathe and just listen to nature around us, then we heard a gun shot and a lot of feathers ruffle and decided to gtfo. Kelsey visited Doi Suthep which is a temple on top of a mountain. She went to the top (tallest peak in Chiang Mai) and got to see all of the city, she said it was just amazing. We went to bed somewhat early because we were off to Pai the next morning!

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