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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Go Pi Pi

On our last night of the program we had a family style dinner and snuggled together all night long reminiscing the greatest trip that has ever happened to us. After getting charged at from a screaming man (talk about a good story… ask us later) and sleeping for an hour, Kels and I (and 15 of our friends) were off to the Thai islands! Just the flight got us so excited because look at what we were seeing! 

We landed in Phuket then took a ferry to the island Ko Phi Phi. The ferry ride was so much fun. We dangled our feet off the edge and had the salt-water wind in our face as we were surrounded by beautiful islands and a vast clear blue sea.

Right after we checked in, we threw on our suits and ran to Ton Sai bay (literally 10 steps from our room). As the sun was setting we were in awe, snapping pictures right and left but nothing was doing it justice- being there felt so surreal and looked like we were in the middle of a magazine cover.
(This picture isn’t even edited… these sunsets were to die for)
Afterwards we took a quick dip into our hotels infinity pool, (spoiled I know… at least we are aware of how grateful we are for it) then grabbed a slice of pizza and stuck our toes in the water, ass in the sand, and not a worry in the world but a cold beer in our hands. Life was good. That night I was exhausted and had a stomach ache so went to bed early while the girls went out and explored the night life. They came back with stories I was not expecting to hear at all. There were about ten bars lined up on the beach, each blasting their own music and having a different attraction. Some had mechanical bulls while others had fire shows, jump rope on fire, fire limbo, and boxing matches for free drinks. Kelsey rode the mechanical bull for 49 seconds!
The next day I woke up early in the morning and headed out to kayak with the boys. They were so sweet that they let me struggle with the single kayak while they all rode in doubles… thanks boys. It was an amazing ride! We paddled out of the bay and veered right around the huge limestone cliffs. As we got out of the bay we were paddling in the open ocean and the current got really strong. At one point I panicked because I thought the waves were going to topple me over and push me into the rocks but I was a champ. As we were paddling in the girls were all on the beach! We relaxed all day swimming in the water and working on our tan. It was a much needed break after five weeks of go go go. That night we walked to the other side of the bay where there was a better view of the sunset. It was gorgeous.
We ate at a spot that was so casual and cheap with the best view on the whole island (which in the states would’ve been so fancy and expensive just because of the location). However it was very sad because the owner of the restaurant was telling us the names of two of the dishes were named after his wife and daughter that died during the Tsunami (in 2005? we don’t remember..) and it was his daughters birthday that day as well. (For those of you who don’t know, Ko Pi Pi was hit the hardest during the tsunami in number of casualties and damage… which we could totally still see because they were still rebuilding and some places just stayed damaged). Afterwards we all headed out for the night and it was so much fun! 

Jamie, Jake, Rachelle and I did fire limbo and fire jump rope!

Jamie got the jump rope hooked on her arm/hair at one point and it actually burnt her! But no major accidents.
The next day was one of our favorite days on the whole trip. All 17 of us (and 3 Irish boys that tagged along) rented a long tail boat to take us around the whole island and snorkeled and hung out from 11 am till sunset! We hit about ten famous beaches/spots, swam with fishies and sharks, witnessed the most beautifulest blue ocean, softest white sand beaches, and warmest water we have ever been in.

Our favorite beach was Ma Ya Bay… it was encircled by huge limestone cliffs and the water looked like Listerine it was so blue and clear.

This is a really famous spot where The Beach (with Leonardo DiCaprio) was filmed, some James Bond scenes, and many many more. Words literally can’t describe this day, so I hope some of these pictures can do somewhat of a good job.

This picture is obviously from the web, but just to give a better perspective of how cool Maya bay was... it's literally surrounded by amazing cliffs.

That night we got our last slice of pizza, sat on the beach, and watched the waves. It finally dawned on us that that was our last day in Thailand and that we actually had to go home the next day... 

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