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Monday, July 1, 2013

Day Seven

Good thing we woke up bright and early to head to class today just to get into the class room to find out it's canceled, but we had to stay near campus for the next four hours.... Oh well, we did what we do best, explore! We headed to the edge of campus and decided to buy the uniforms all the other thai students wear to school. Girls bought black skirts while boys bought nice button up collared shirts with black slacks. Wandering around, we ended up at a cute cafe owned by a gay retired thai man who shared with us that "it was his dream to open this shop" and it was the cutest thing in the world. He gave us samples of his delicious hazelnut cookies while we played with his furry little puppy.
Finally it was time for Thai language that seemed to go on forever and never end... Learning the language is definitely helping and very interesting, however it's sooo frustrating because one word can mean five different things and it all depends on the tone you say it. After class Natalie, Lo and I went to get our nails done down the street for only $5! Then we headed back to meet up with everyone that was already at the night bizarre. The market was hugee with such cute stuff for so cheap! They were selling real North Face backpacks for $15 bucks! (Usually $100+ in the States!) Lo and I came across this food stand selling "Rotee's" (also seen it spelled rotii) and we were mesmerized with the process of how they were making this delicious dough balls fried and filled to mimic a crepe; we ordered one. Then it was so good we ordered two more. The first one was cooked like a normal crepe then cut into bite sized pieces and doused in sweetened condensed milk. The second one was cooked and filled with nutella and bananas... nom nom nom !
(I'm craving one right now just thinking about it!) Afterwards we met the whole gang at the ragae bar and zoe's bar for the night!
It was quite a night. Meeting people and making friends from everywhere around the world, peeing in alleyways, blue hawaiians and changs, dancing until 4 am, and getting burritos from "tacos bell".
It was a damn good night.

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