6 countries, 70 days, malaria pills, and traveling college girls (41 SE Asia, 29 Europe) out for an adventure of a lifetime. No one knows where life will take us, what could happen, or what we will end up eating… all we know is that our children and grandchildren will never hear the end of these stories. Kelsey and Sami will be posting about the first part of the trip in Southeast Asia and while Kelsey goes back to the States, Sami and Kayla continue the adventure in Europe.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Day Four

Was definitely hoping on sleeping in this morning… but Jake and Grayson had another plan. Jumping on our bed waking us up and telling us to get ready because we are going to the medical museum. After a long walk without breakfast or water, we finally made it. And man, was this museum eye opening. It’s known as the death museum and some of the items showcased, we had to skip some because it was so disturbing and sad. The most shocking exhibit was when they preserved infants, new borns, and even fetuses in these glass cases where you could view everything. Most of them were either still births or had some kind of birth defect where they died soon after. There were also other preserved body parts such as an actual head of a person with their hair, eyes, and everything in place- however their head was chopped in half so we could see what it looks like on the inside…. So amazing and complex! Afterwards we headed home and stopped at a street food cart where we ordered fried rice and oh man… the street food here is unreal. It’s better than restaurant food, cheaper too, and uses the freshest ingredients you can actually watch them make and create into a masterpiece.
Later that night we went on a dinner cruise down the Chao Praya! This was so much fun… it was buffet style dinner on the bottom floor with any delicious Thai food you could be craving with an endless amount. It finally stopped raining and our group (remember there’s 28 of us) headed to the top of the boat where we saw the beautiful Bangkok skyline and saw the night lights sparkle.
The Philippino cover artists singing brought their set up outside and started playing those catchy American pop songs. I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but we literally started a night club on top of this fancy dinner cruise. The other Chinese tourist who were also eating came up top to join us because we were having so much fun. It was absolutely hilarious and so much fun to be dancing and singing on top of a boat with an amazing view. Afterwards we stopped at La Bua hotel to try to get into the Sky Bar (where Hangover II was filmed) on the 64th floor. Since our group was so big, they did not let us go up. A smaller group of girls were so smart and returned twenty minutes later and were let up… this is my biggest regret of the trip so far. Their pictures of the view and of the bar were outstanding! Oh well, we headed over to Khosan road for our final night in Bangkok. 

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